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Georgios Mazonakis

Georgios Mazonakis is the sole and exclusive proprietor of all intellectual property rights in and to the domain name and the “GM” device, “ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ ΜΑΖΩΝΑΚΗΣ” device and “ευχής 3ργο” device registered or unregistered trademarks. Georgios Mazonakis has also full personality rights in and to his name and surname and his photo depictions, for which he is also the sole copyright owner (all the above referred to hereinafter as “IPRs”).

Georgios Mazonakis has granted to Dreeby Holdings Limited, through a Third Party, a non-exclusive license in and to the IPRs, for the sole and exclusive purpose of organizing, promoting through this Website, sales of tickets and broadcasting online the “ευχής 3ργο trilogy concerts”.

It is hereby confirmed and declared that Georgios Mazonakis shall have no liability whatsoever towards the Users, as regards the organization, promotion through this Website, sales of tickets and broadcasting (including user generated content) of the “ευχής 3ργο trilogy concerts” and the functionalities of this Website, for which Dreeby Holdings Limited shall remain the sole responsible at all times.