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General Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter “GTC”) are valid for all services offered by concer.TV resp. by Dreeby Holdings Limited (called «concer.TV» in the following). The GTC regulate the contractual relationship between concer.TV and its customers/users or business partners (hereinafter "Users").

By using the services of concer.TV or visiting this site or purchasing tickets in any manner from the website, you expressly agree to abide and be bound by these Sales Terms, as well as all applicable laws, ordinances and regulations. You confirm that you are legally able to enter into a binding contract.

The website,, hereinafter called «the Website» or «concer.TV», has been created by, and is property of Dreeby Holding Limited (hereinafter referred with its business name «concer.TV»), a company incorporated and operating under Cyprus Law, with registered office in 16 Kyriakou Matsi, Eagle House, 6th floor, 1082 Agioi Omologites, Nicosia, Cyprus, TIC 10415325K/ District Tax Office for Nicosia.

Overview I. Object
II. Services
III. Conclusion of Contract
IV. No onward Sale
V. Advertising and Competitions
VI. Prices
VII. Payment
VIII. Changes and Cancellations – refund procedure
IX. User Content on live streams, Messages
X. Guarantee
XI. Liability
XII. Intellectual Property / Personal Rights
XIII. Data Protection
XIV. Final Provisions

I. Object

1.1 concer.TV is operating as a provider of electronic services. In particular, concer.TV offers users communication over the internet,streaming services of events (live and/or on demand) and serves with the purchase of tickets for such events and other activities. Events can be provided by Third Party.

These services are facilitated and/or provided by concer.TV through its Website or any channel of its network, i.e. either through the Website or other points of presence, whether physical or not, proprietary or owned by concer.TV business partners, in line with the instructions, terms and conditions communicated to users at the time of purchase.

Ticket buyers (called «ticket buyers» in the following) can purchase, via the Website or various sales channels, tickets for events. concer.TV facilitates the direct conclusion of a contract for attendance between event organisers (called «event organisers» in general in the following) and the ticket buyer.

1.2 Agreement to these GTC is given through the use of the corresponding services. When making use of individual services, the ticket buyer may be asked by concer.TV to confirm his agreement to the GTC by clicking a corresponding confirmation box.

1.3 concer.TV has obtained the necessary authorisations from the provider, owner or/and beneficiary of the content shown and streamed on the Website, to use and show the content with all interactions and to use information it posts.

Concer.TV has obtained the necessary authorisations and rights of the persons shown and streamed on the Website (see IX and XII).

If the provider of the content is an entity, the authorization given to concer.TV includes all persons involved and seen in the video (live or on demand).

With handing over the content or giving permission for streaming, the provider - be it a natural or legal person - confirms that all rights of involved/performed persons such as copyrights and the right to one's own image or other personal rights are respected.

1.4 The use of personal data is regulated in the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy is an integral and binding part of these GTC.

II. Services

2.1 concer.TV’s conditions apply for all services. Concer.TV can change the range of services offered at any time or stop providing services.

2.3 When using services and products of companies who are business partners of concer.TV - such as booking facilitators or payment providers - the ticket buyer accepts the applicable General Terms and Conditions and/or conditions of use of these partner companies.

III. Conclusion of Contract

3.1 Booking facilitators concer.TV is entitled to mandate booking facilitators to handle the purchase of the tickets through their websites. If concer.TV decides to handle the purchase of the tickets through a booking facilitator, then the User by clicking the buy ticket button will land on the website of the booking facilitator. concer.TV collaborates and offers to the user the ticket purchase by a Third Party Provider, in accordance with the terms and conditions that such Third Providers establish and disclose to the public.

Every ticket purchased only provides the ticket buyer with one access authorisation. Any electronic dissemination of the corresponding email/link is expressly forbidden.

3.2 Secure Transactions For the secure transactions purchasing a ticket we collaborate with Third Parties, such as VIVA Payment Services SA (viva wallet;, Stripe Inc. (, Paypal and others, which recognize the importance of security of electronic transactions and have taken all necessary measures applying modern and advanced methods, to ensure the maximum possible security of information / data entered for the transaction. Reference is made to the terms and conditions of the Third Party site applied for this purpose.

3.3 The ticket buyer’s purchase order. Once you identify the tickets you would like to purchase and select them, you will be directed through the checkout process where you will enter your name, e-mail, address, phone number or any other requested data and provide payment information. By confirming the order, the ticket buyer is submitting his binding offer to purchase the selected tickets. The ticket buyer is obliged to provide all the information necessary for the ordering process completely and correctly.

You will also be able to review the ticket details, total order price, and service fees (if any).

By placing an order, you authorize us and/or our substituted booking facilitators to charge your method of payment for the total order amount. If you do not receive the ticket by email with further instructions regarding the access of the event, contact us at support@concer.TV for assistance. In case the purchase of the ticket is provided by our substituted booking facilitators, contact the support of the booking facilitator.

The tickets are made accessible or released only after the receipt of the buyer’s payment by concer.TV or by an affiliated booking facilitator, irrespective of the method of payment.

3.4 Delivery Ticket and access to the event The tickets are delivered by e-mail with a link or a code which grants access to streaming by clicking on it. The ticket buyer is obliged to check the tickets immediately on receipt. If the ticket buyer does not receive an email with a link or a code, the ticket buyer must contact the support of the ticketing website to check whether the transaction has been completed or not. If the ticket buyer fails to do this, the purchased tickets are considered to have been approved. Concer.TV may not be held liable for pecuniary or other loss in this case.

The ticket buyer is responsible for keeping the tickets safe until the event. An obligation of replacement lost/deleted tickets is excluded.

IV. No Onward Sale

Any trading with purchased tickets, i.e. for business or commercial purposes, is forbidden. Failure to comply can lead to the loss of the service associated with the purchased tickets and to claims for compensation and for return of the profit against the original ticket buyer and those who have bought the tickets. Persons who violate this requirement may be excluded from the purchase of tickets.

V. Advertising and Competitions

5.1 The ticket buyer is not allowed, without the express agreement of the organiser beforehand, to use tickets in his advertising directed at the general public and/or as prizes in competitions.

5.2 concer.TV can carry out promotional activities in the form of prizes to the ticket buyers (discount coupons, vouchers, free access to specific services, etc.). The prizes are offered in line with the special characteristics and/or restrictions each time described on www.concer.TV or in any other promotional material. Prizes will not be redeemable or exchangeable for cash.

Concer.TV may change at its discretion the special characteristics and the conditions under which prizes are offered with no prior notice.

VI. Prices

6.1 Concer.TV is entitled to offer tickets with different price categories.

The ticket prices accessed through or listed or notified in the sales channels are inclusive of value-added tax (where applicable).

6.2 The sales price displayed in the website/ticketing process of the booking facilitator includes the event organiser’s ticket price plus a service charge in EURO. Currency conversion fees shall be borne by the ticket buyer if payment method is with credit cards in other currency.

VII. Payment

7.1 Concer.TV and/or booking facilitator as Third Party determine which payment ethods are permitted.

7.2 Payment is either by charging to a credit card or by other payment methods given during the payment process of concer.TV and/or of the booking facilitator payment methods.

VIII. Changes and Cancellations – refund procedure

8.1 All sales are final; there are no cancellations, returns, or exchanges.

8.2 If an event has to be postponed/rescheduled or the venue changed due to justified and/or important reasons (e.g. illness of the singer or band members, pandemic measures, etc.) or due to force majeure, the ticket shall, irrespective of the reasons for the postponement or change, apply for the new date or the new event venue. It is up to the event organiser to decide whether tickets can be returned, reimbursed or exchanged.

If an event is cancelled with no rescheduled date at all (even announced later), you may request to receive either a full refund in relation to the value of the purchased ticket price of the cancelled event or a credit in this amount for use on a future purchase, as determined at our sole discretion.

8.3 If the event organiser agrees to a return and reimbursement of the tickets, the organiser or concer.TV then determines the return and reimbursement process. If payment was made by credit card, concer.TV shall after receipt of the delivered email of the Ticket buyer when the order was placed, credit the credit card or account used with the corresponding amount within four weeks. Ticket buyer has to deliver all required information in order reimbursement can be fulfilled. Any request for reimbursement is only valid for the ticket buyer recorded in the order and is not transferable.

IX. User Content on live streams, Messages

9.1 concer.TV and its affiliated may offer users the ability to upload or stream videos or post messages on messages boards, chat areas, bulletin board, e-mail functions, forums, Video Communications as Zoom or other interactive areas as a part of the concer.TV’s Services (collectively, “Forums”), which may be open to the public generally, to all ticket buyers, or to a select group of ticket buyers or to a specific Forum group. You acknowledge that all Content posted on Forums, Message boards, Chats etc. is User Content set forth above and any other rules specifically applicable to such Forums. Insults, defamation, racist and sexist statements, swearing and any infringing statements or actions are prohibited. Everyone has to respect the other.

Concer.TV and its affiliated Companies reserve the right, but disclaims any obligation or responsibility, to prevent you from posting User Content to any Forum and to restrict or remove your User Content from a Forum or refuse to include your User Content in a Forum for any reason at any time, in Concer.TV’s sole discretion and without notice to you.

9.2 You acknowledge that messages posted on such Forums are public, and concer.TV cannot guarantee the security of any information you disclose through any Forum; you make such disclosures at your own risk. Concer.TV is not responsible for the content or accuracy of any information posted on a Forum, and shall not be responsible for any decisions made based on such information.

By using one of the Forums or taking part in one, the user authorizes concer.TV to use the content in any form (also outside the live transmission), including for commercial purposes. The user expressly waives his copyright, his right to the image or his personal rights. The user also expressly waives all related legal claims and holds concer.TV harmless.

9.3 Users should only upload own videos or that they're authorized to use. That means they should not upload videos they didn't make, or use content in their videos that someone else owns the copyright to, such as music tracks, snippets of copyrighted programs, or videos made by other users, without necessary authorizations.

X. Guarantee

10.1 concer.TV provides its services within the scope of its operating resources and the foreseeable requirements carefully and expertly, unless is prevented in doing so by circumstances for which it is not to blame.

10.2 The ticket buyer is aware that concer.TV provides its services via the internet and/or using communication networks. In particular, because of technical faults, operating faults or faults or interruptions in communication networks and through the breakdown of IT infrastructures, the streaming, the on demand, the call centre lines or other parts of the infrastructure used to provide the service, there may be temporary disruptions or interruptions in the provision of services by concer.TV.

concer.TV therefore gives no guarantee that its services will be available without interruption and/or without error.

XI. Liability

11.1 The provider is responsible to the contractual party for the careful provision of the agreed services in accordance with the contract. The provider, his representatives, affiliated persons or companies, employees and support partners shall only be liable for damages caused by intent and gross negligence. Otherwise, the liability of the provider, his representatives, affiliated persons or companies, employees and support partners is excluded to the extent permitted by law.

Insofar as the provider is liable, the liability is in all cases limited to the amount of the proven damage, but to a maximum amount of EUR 1000.

11.2 Liability for minor negligence and for indirect damages or consequential damages for cases of force major and strikes, for technical malfunctions (e.g. service or internet interruptions) also within the responsibility of third parties and for auxiliary persons, for data or information losses, damages caused by third parties such as other users or hacker attacks or malware, or for missed profit, is expressly excluded. Consequential damages are in particular loss of profit, damage to reputation and data loss following temporary impairments or interruptions in the availability of concer.TV’s services and following the failure of sales channels, transmission errors, the failure to deliver tickets, incorrect price or service information and errors in booking confirmations. Concer.TV also accepts no liability for the content of websites of event organisers, Booking facilitators, musicians and other third parties which refer to the concer.TV’s website or to which the concer.TV website provides a link.

11.3 The platform may be temporarily unavailable or limited available due to maintenance work or other reasons. The provider is not liable for the (temporary) unavailability of the platform, the failure of some or all functions, or for malfunctions of the platform.

11.4 The provider shall not be liable for any actions of users. This includes content of any kind which is shared by a user on the platform or in interactions during a live streaming event and which infringes the rights of the contractual party or any Third Party in any way.

XII. Intellectual Property / Personal Rights

12.1 The site, including all site software, databases, trademarks, logos, service marks, proprietary information and materials (and any intellectual property and other rights relating thereto) is owned by concer.TV and will remain the property of concer.TV. In any way, concer.TV owns the rights or the licence for use. Users of this site acknowledge that they do not acquire any ownership rights by using the website. Users may not use any content of concer.TV in connection with any product or service that is not offered by or through concer.TV, in any manner that is likely to cause confusion with concer.TV business, or in any manner that disparages concer.TV. Nothing contained on the site should be construed as granting, by implication, estoppel or otherwise, any license or right to use any concer.TV’ Property or Right without the express written permission of concer.TV.

12.2 The entire content, organization, graphics, design, compilation and all concer.TV’s Property directly or indirectly available on this site, including, without limitation, videos, images and written and other materials (the "Contents"), are intellectual property protected under the copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws of Cyprus and/or other countries ("Intellectual Property Laws"). You may not download, print, copy, capture, reproduce, distribute, transmit, broadcast, display, sell, license or otherwise use or exploit any of the Content except in the course of viewing the site online for lawful purposes. You also agree not to modify, rent, lease, loan, sell, distribute or create derivative works based on any Content. The violation of applicable Intellectual Property Laws may give rise to civil and/or criminal penalties. No right, title or interest in any streamed materials is transferred to you as a result of any such downloading or copying other than the foregoing license to possess for personal use.

The (complete or partial) reproduction, dissemination, forwarding (electronically or by other means), modification, linking or use of the contents for public or commercial purposes is forbidden without the prior written agreement of

12.3 For content (videos, messages, etc.) uploaded, streamed and/or published on the website and/or in connection with an event (live streaming, on demand, chat, etc.) by the user/contractual party, concer.TV has the exclusive, free-of-charge, permanent, transferable, irrevocable and unrestrictedly sub licensable right to use, stream, reproduce, translate, distribute and publish. In addition, concer.TV may use the content on all known (social) media and for any purpose. Under no circumstances shall the contractual party be entitled to compensation.

XIII. Data Protection

13.1. The provider’s data protection declaration applies in its current version, which is available on the website.

13.2. concer.TV may integrate third-party services into its services. For example, some functions of the services may involve interaction between the user and third parties or their services, whereby the third-party services may enable the user to share content, which is then published on the third-party services.

XIV. Final Provisions

14.1 The place of fulfilment for the services provided by concer.TV including the delivery of tickets is the registered office of Dreeby Holdings Limited (business name: concer.TV).

14.2 The ticket buyer and any contractual party waives the right to offset claims against concer.TV.

14.3 concer.TV reserves the right to change these GTC, in particular reasonable, minor or objectively justified changes can be done at any time. The changes come immediately into force with the updated version of these GTC. We recommend, that you consult this page frequently, so that you are aware of our latest GTC. Your continued use of our Services shall constitute your acceptance of any revised GTC.

14.4 concer.TV prohibits the use of its website for unlawful conduct. All users must comply with all local, state, federal and international laws, ordinances and regulations. By using this site, you agree not to use any false personal information or use an invalid or unauthorized credit or debit card. You agree not to use or permit anyone to use information provided through concer.TV for any unlawful or unauthorized purpose.

We are the sole interpreter of this site's intended and acceptable use. This site is intended to be used by individuals or companies seeking to buy tickets for ultimate use by an individual to attend an event and for no other purpose

14.5 If one or several provisions of these GTC are or become invalid or unfeasible in whole or in part, this shall not affect the validity or feasibility of the other provisions of these GTC or the purchase of the ticket. In such case, the parties will replace the invalid or unfeasible provision by a provision that is valid and feasible and that comes as close as possible to the commercial purpose of the provision to be replaced. The same applies correspondingly in the event that there is an omission in these GTC.

14.6 These GTC and disputes arising out of or in connection with the relationship between concer.TV and the ticket buyer or any contractual party not having a separate agreement shall be governed solely by Cyprian Law, to the exclusion of the provisions on the conflict of laws and the provisions of the UN law on the sale of goods (CISG).

14.7 The sole legal venue for all disputes between and the ticket buyer is the registered office of concer.TV. Concer.TV is entitled, however, to take action against the ticket buyer at his domicile.

These GTC were last updated on 12 April 2021.